Sage IAB Computerised Accounting for Business Level 1 & 2 - Associate Level

Sage IAB Computerised Accounting for Business Level 1 & 2 - Associate Level
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Break the IAB Computerised Accounting for Business course down into manageable chunks and focus on the first two levels with this outstanding course, available to complete online at your convenience. The IAB brand is recognised nationally as an industry leader within the accountancy sector and any qualification available from them is bound to look fantastic on your CV.

Start at the Beginning

Don’t worry about being a complete beginner, this course is the perfect first step for those interested in accounting. You can dive into a new career and aim for new job prospects with the help of this qualification or make it on your own and set up your own fledgling business as a professional accountant or bookkeeper. With your new-found skills and confidence there’ll be nothing stopping you from embarking on a new venture or career path. Start with this reputable course in computerised business accounting and see where it can take you! The Level 1 qualification is suitable for complete beginners and will bring you up to speed with the basics in no time. Learn about the principles of double entry bookkeeping and be introduced to the rudimentary functions of the essential Sage 50 software, which will soon become your best friend.

Onwards and Upwards

Once the basics have been mastered, it’s time to progress to the Level 2 qualification, which is aimed at students who have a solid grasp of bookkeeping and Sage essentials. As part of this level of learning you will gain further insight into the operation of Sage and how to maximise its use; by the end of the course, you will not just be able to show off your IAB credentials, but also proudly state that you’re a competent Sage user – something else for your glowing CV!

Key Learning Points

It’s never too late to start something new. Whether you’re looking for a change of career or you’re hoping to move up the ranks in your current job, this IAB certification in Computerised Accounting for Business is an ideal building block to work with.

  • Work your way through the Computerised Accounting for Business Level 1 and Level 2 syllabuses and gain expertise and admired credentials from a reputable Ofqual registered organisation, IAB.
  • Get to grips with the essential Sage 50 software and navigate your way around the basic functions using screenshots and easy to follow exercises.
  • Develop an understanding of accounting basics, including creating customer and supplier records, batch entry credit notes and invoices, recording sales and purchases, bank reconciliation and petty cash transactions.
  • Learn how to set up a new company including creating a chart of accounts to suit company requirements.
  • Master the complexities of business accounting including journal entries for salaries and wages and stock valuation and control.
  • Gain further insight into the more complex functions of the Sage 50 software, to optimise its performance, at the same time as boosting your own output. Learn how to utilise the journal function within Sage, as well as processing VAT returns, trial balances and departmental coding.

Advantages of this course

  • Extend your accounting and payroll knowledge to help your progress as a business owner or employee.
  • Learn at your own pace. Pause, repeat, rewind or fast forward tutorials or videos, so that your knowledge retention is at as high a standard as possible.
  • Tasks and exercises provided throughout, to aid retention and to maintain motivation. Diverse range of study materials to fit your learning profile, including tutorials and videos.
  • Business owners can save money by doing their own accounting.
  • Walk away with dual certification from both Sage and IAB, as well as a course completion certificate.
  • Includes Level 1 and Level 2 of the IAB Computerised Accounting for Business course.
  • Eligibility to become an Associate member of the IAB, bringing with it the potential to add AIAB letters after your name.
  • Exam fees included in the course, along with 2 retakes (just in case).
  • Sage 50 Accounts Professional software included.
  • Instil the confidence of future employers with a CV that will impress enough to deserve an interview or better still…a job!

Embark on a new career or develop yourself in your current role, by investing in this fantastic IAB course today…what’s stopping you?


Salary range chart

Bookkeeper (United Kingdom)
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Career path Chart

  • Introduction to Computerised Accounting
  • Financial Services and Payment Methods
  • Set Up a Computerised Accounting System and Process Data
  • Principles of Computerised Accounting, Ethics and VAT
  • Financial Services and Payment Methods
  • Basic Principles of Costing
  • Use a Computerised Accounting System
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Online Course
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1 Year
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Associated Certification
Sage & IAB Level 1 & 2 Dual Certification - Associate Level
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Windows Vista
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